129 24th Street, Newport Beach, CA

by Rod Jeheber on November 6, 2012

Custom Mediterranean Style Home

129 24th Street, Newport Beach, California

Building permits were issued for my latest project located at 129 24th Street, Newport Beach, California last week.  My client has hired Vincent Nguyen of Vincent Construction, Inc. of Fountain Valley California. The existing single family dwelling was demolished this morning by “Tim Greenleaf Engineering”. It is always amazing to me to witness the art of demolishing an existing structure without damaging the adjacent properties. This was my first time working with Tim Greenleaf and his crew, David, Chris and Richard. I look forward to working with these guys again very soon!

 The view from the city parking lot across the street from the project.

This photograph was taken this morning. I tried to vote before coming to the job site, however the line was out the door which is a first for me in a long time! I figured I better head down to the job site so as not to miss the demolition process, but I was a little late! I missed the tractor driving through the house! Oh well, next time right?

How would you like to wake up and get ready for work, and then walk out to your car and see that it is parked next to a construction site with the demolition process in full swing?

Great job by Tim Greenleaf Engineering and his crew!

In the mean time, If I can answer any questions about  how to obtain a building permit, or the process of building a new home or remodeling an existing home, please feel free to contact me at 949-723-4393 or email me.

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