3211 E. 15th Street, Newport Beach, CA.

by Rod Jeheber on November 3, 2010

3211 E. 15th Street, Newport Beach

We are in plan check now with the City of Newport Beach Community Development Department for a new one-story single family dwelling located at the front half of the property owned by my client and friend Trent Smith of Trenterprise Development. Trent obtained a demolition permit to remove the existing one-story two bedroom with one bathroom house that Trent and his wife along with three small children have been living in while the project at the rear of the property was under construction.

The two-story single family dwelling with attached garage and carport was finaled by the City of Newport Beach and Trent and his family have moved into their new four bedroom with three baths home. They now have a bit more space to live in compared to what they were living in before.


Demolition Phase

Trent has hired JD of  JD Demolition and Grading, Inc. again to demolish the existing residence at the front side of the property. JD Demolition and Grading, Inc. again will also re-compact the soil and grade the lot for the new one-story single family dwelling. David Worthington of  EGA Consultants required a re-compaction of the area of construction at a depth of three below the existing surface. Once the site has been re-compacted and inspected, the contractor is then able to start digging out the footings for the new foundation. But first we need to get the plans approved by the City of Newport Beach. I resubmitted the plans on November 2nd. They have ten working days to recheck the plans, but they will most likely get them rechecked well before the grace period is up.

The Proposed Front Elevation.

The new home on the front half of the lot will have a bit more curb appeal in comparison to the existing new dwelling in the rear. Originally I had designed a two-story single family dwelling that was attached to the dwelling at the rear of the property. However due to the economic down turn, we decided we would be over building the site so back to the drawing board! Any ways, this is what the new front elevation is going to look like.

If I can answer any questions about  how to obtain a building permit, or the process of building a new home or remodeling an existing home, please feel free to contact me at 949-723-4393 or email me.


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