Bowls – Salads, Rice Bowls & More

by Rod Jeheber on November 25, 2012

Bowls – Salads, Rice Bowls & More

4525-B West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA


Over the summer, Keith Scheinburg hired my firm to prepare plans for his new Bowls Salads, Acai, Rice Bowls & More Restaurant located at 4525-B West Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California. The idea was to convert an existing 1,000 square foot yogurt shop into a new Salad, Acai and Rice Bowl restaurant for either sit down eating or take away. The space is located right next door to the original Chronic Taco’s take away restaurant which has done very well in the food service industry. Plans where submitted to the O.C. Health Department for their approvals and then to the City of Newport Beach Community Development Department for plan check approval and building permits. Keith and his construction crew were able to complete the field work in just over two months and I am happy to say they are open for business.


You have several options here at Bowls. If you are looking for a lite meal, you can build your own salad or Acai. There are several different types of lettuce to choose from including romaine, iceberg,  and spring mix. Keith and his crew have made sure that there is every available salad topping for you to choose from.

Salad Bar

They include mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots just to name a few. You also have the traditional salad dressings to choose from to finish off your salad bowl creation. The salads are sold by weight at $5.99 per pound. A pound of salad is a lot of food, therefore this is a GREAT deal for all you salad lovers!

Salad Bowl

Another option at Bowls is a Steak or Chicken Rice Bowl. You have three (3) size bowls to choose from: Junior, Mama or Papa size bowls. I went with the Papa size bowl. You first choose either white or brown rice. I am doing my best to be more healthy so I went with the brown rice. I could not make up my mind on which meat for my bowl, so Keith suggested that I try both the steak and chicken.

Meat Bowl

There are also several steamed veggie toppings available to finish off your rice bowl from tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage,  broccoli and bell peppers. I went with the sprouts, cabbage and bell peppers. To finish off your rice bowl, you have four (4) sauce toppings to choose from starting with their Tangy Hot sauce, Plum BBQ, Teriyaki or soy sauce. I went with the Teriyaki sauce.  I have to tell you I was quite surprised at the favor of both the steak and chicken. I can’t tell you what Keith marinates the meat in prior to throwing it on the grill, but it is to die for!  All in all, my rice bowl tasted much better than I thought it would!

I have never tried the Acai bowls so at some point I will have to try my best to stop being a creature of habit and test drive the Acai Bowls. If you are an Acai Bowl fan, let me know what I should add to my Acai bowl so I don’t look like a rookie for my first time!

Ultimate Asai Bowl

Bowls is also serving up breakfast bowls as well until 11:00 am each morning. Your options are: Egg whites, eggs, sausage, onions, steak, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, and bell peppers!

Bowls is open 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


You can email your order: or fax your order: 949-209-3033

 If I can answer any questions about  how to obtain a building permit, or the process of tenant improvements and ADA handicap upgrades, please feel free to contact me at 949-723-4393 or  email me.

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