4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, CA. #2

by Rod Jeheber on October 10, 2009

French Country Style Home

4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, California


4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, CA. #2

We are standing in the back yard of the dwelling looking towards the Borel’s new master bed and bathroom.

4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, CA. #2

You are now looking directly into the new great room. The steel cage that is at the bottom of the photograph is the structural re-bar that is required in the middle of the the grade beams that occur at the veranda portion of the dwelling. This is typically called a “cage” and it is placed in the center of the footing before the concrete is poured.

Footing Forms 03

You are now looking toward the far corner of the veranda that surrounds the great room. The contractors workers are constructing a grade beam cage to the side of the dwelling before placing it in the footing cavity.

Footing Forms 04

You are now standing at the front left corner of the dwelling. This will be the guest bathroom.

Footing Forms 05

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