The “Pacific Ocean” beats the “Pacific Bully”

by Rod Jeheber on April 20, 2010

58-foot fishing boat runs aground in Huntington Beach, CA

A 58-foot fishing boat, the Pacific Bully, ran aground early Tuesday morning, leaving four passengers stranded near the beach  just north of the Santa Ana River jetty at about 3:20 a.m. My fiance called me at work and told me about this, so I jumped in the car and headed down to RJ’s. I did not realize that the fishing boat was on the north side of the river jetty, so I headed back home and grabbed Sharon’s “Canon G7” and rode my bike back down  to the beach to take the following pictures.

Oops! I forgot my Bike!


Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and The U.S. Coast Guard was also responded to the boat, rescuing its four passengers without any injuries. For some odd reason “Homeland Security” also showed up.

 A 41 foot US Coast Guard rescue vessel keeps an eye on the Pacific Bully

I thought you said “Starboard”!


This is a fellow businessman holding cables to the distressed vessel keeping the damage to the vessel at a minimum.

A fellow Fishman and his crew to the rescue!


A salvage contractor has been called out to remove the boat and any threat of pollution. The Coast Guard told me that high tide was at 5:00pm today and that they would have to wait until then to try to remove the grounded vessel.

Die Hard Surfers Rule!


This of course would never stop any true surfer from heading out to sea to catch some waves!

Anchor not required today!


“Pacific Bully” and savage yacht.


There, I fixed it! There, I fixed it! : )


They should sue the city for putting sand there! They should sue the city for putting sand there!


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