The “Pacific Ocean” beats the “Pacific Bully” Part 2

by Rod Jeheber on April 20, 2010

58-foot fishing boat runs aground in Huntington Beach, CA

A 58-foot fishing boat, the Pacific Bully, ran aground early Tuesday morning, leaving four passengers stranded near the beach just north of the Santa Ana River jetty at about 3:20 a.m. It was around 6:45pm in the evening now and I thought to myself  “I wonder if they were able to free that fishing vessel”? I decided to drive up the coast from my office in Newport Beach and check on the status of the “Pacific Bully”. Keep in mind that the US Coast Guard had indicated that high tide was at seventeen hundred hours that day, so being that it was almost 7:00pm I figured the “Pacific Bully” would be free and headed back to Port. Boy was I surprised to see that she was still stuck in the sand and shallow water!

7:00pm April 20th 2010 7:00pm April 20th 2010 The Pacific Bully with Tub Boat off the stern. A Fellow Fisherman in the Distance A Fellow Fisherman in the Distance Seaguls surrounding the grounded yacht Seaguls surrounding the grounded yacht

The California Fish and Game was present this evening as well. The Fish and Game warden indicted to me that the “Pacific Bully” had to dump up to 40 tons of bait to lighten the load into the ocean. This of course explained the strong smell of fish and the thousands of seagulls in the area as well. There were also clean up crews on site as well as the Fish and Game warden indicated that the seagulls will not eat the dead bait. I never heard that before, but I am no expert in this area at all.

California State Park Peace Officer Clean up crews on a dinner break Beautiful end to an Awesome Day!

It doesn’t get much better then this now does it?

Going, going… GONE! All three Vessels in one shot! Is that a man on the Boat?

If you look closely you can see one of the fisherman on the back of the vessel getting ready to swim ashore!

Coming ashore in the cold water!

I have to tell you, the wind was blowing so hard and that water looked so cold. All part of the job right? I am just glad no one was hurt during this entire ordeal!

It’s getting dark out!

 This was a great picture of a wave crashing into the stern of the fishing vessel.

Clean up crews keeping the beach clean!

That is my friend Nancy and David Pedersen of  David A. Pedersen, Inc. landscape Architect on the left side of the photo who heard about the “Pacific Bully” being grounded on my blog site! Sharon Paxson was right! It does work!

The Vessel is lite up now

 This was the last picture I was able to take due to the lack of lighting and a tri-pod.

   FYI: I drove by the site this morning before heading into to the office and the “Pacific Bully” was gone! I am glad to hear that they were able to free the vessel and head on home! I was very concerned last night when I left the beach at around 8:00pm as the vessel had not moved at all! Either way, hard work from ALL of those involved helped bring a happy ending to this story.

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Nancy Pedersen April 21, 2010 at 12:50 pm

Glad to hear the Pacific Bully is “free.” You sure have the greatest blog ideas and photos – I think you must have had a great teacher. (Hi, Sharon!)

Julie April 21, 2010 at 1:20 pm

So interesting! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing!

PS: Hi Dave and Nancy!

Dennis Dean April 23, 2010 at 9:36 pm

I was on board the Pacific Bully and in the pictures near the end, it had actually moved 30-40′ it just didn’t look like it. The vessel was free shortly after the last picture taken. I believe it broke free right around 8 0 clock. Great pictures! The guy in the picture was actually one of the divers on the salvage team who had just been relieved.

John B., San Pedro April 23, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Glad to hear that the “Bully” was freed with no damage/injuries/environmental damage. Still would like to know how it happened. EXCELLENT PHOTOS and write-up, though. Personally know the owner of the boat who was, coincidentally, heading to the canneries on Terminal Island in his other boat to unload his catch of sardines. I think that the Fish and Game warden was wrong as I have personally witnessed seagulls eating any type of food, dead or alive. They must have “pigged out” that night! Happy to see that this story had a happy ending to it.

Rod Jeheber April 24, 2010 at 11:27 am

I cannot believe I missed it getting free Dennis! I left the beach just around 8:00pm as it was getting dark and cold! You were on board the Pacific Bully that night? It was hard to tell if it had moved because of the tide I guess. I am just glad it got free and there was no structural damage to the vessel as well. Thank you for the update Dennis. All my best to you and the crew!


Rod Jeheber April 24, 2010 at 11:31 am

John, I think the fish and game warden was wrong as well! I have never seen so many seagulls in my life! The guys in the yellow jump suits were there to clean up any fish that washed to shore and I did not see one dead fish in there bags at all! I have seen a seagulls eating french fries in the parking lot at McDonalds too! Take care and send my regards to the owner as well.


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