Newport Harbor Lutheran Church and School

by Rod Jeheber on December 26, 2010

Newport Harbor Lutheran Church and School

798 Dover Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92663

We were hired in October by the Newport Harbor Lutheran Church and School to prepare a set of plans to remove the existing clerestory window above the Narthex to the church. The original 25′-0″ wide by 23′-0″ wood framed window was rotting and needed to be replaced immediately to prevent and damage to the church pipe organs and / or the church goer’s. The Newport Harbor Lutheran Church and School hired Ross Klass of RKC Construction out of Orange, California to remove and replace the existing window with a new aluminum frame with 3/8″ thick tempered glass to match the existing window. The goal was to have the work completed before the holiday season started. I prepared my plans using a copy of the original working drawings the the church had saved from 1974 I believe. Having an existing set of the original plans really made my job a lot easier because the plans showed us all of the original framing members at the area of reconstruction. I scheduled an over the counter plan check with Suzanne Kusik a senior engineer with the City of Newport Beach. Suzanne requested that I hire a structural engineer to check the wind loads on the new window as it is so large and also to run some calculations on the aluminum window frame connections to the existing structure. I hired Civil Engineer Stephen K. Ahuna a long time friend and consultant to prepare the required calculations. Suzanne Kusik approved the plans and Ross Klass of RKC Construction began work early in the month of November. Ross and his team did an outstanding job removing and replacing the window. Extra care was needed because the window was so close to the church pipe organs and all it takes is one little bump and the pipes are out of tune!

Newport Harbor Lutheran Church

   These are a couple pictures of the original wood framed window above the church narthex. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but I had to climb up on the roof with the contractor and it was amazing how much the wood had rotted away.



 I wish I had some pictures to share with the existing window removed, but RKC Construction wasted no time removing and installing the new window to protect the church pipe organs from any damage. Speaking of the church pipe organs, I had the opportunity to climb up into the pipe organ area and view them up close. It was truley amazing to see up close how large the big pipes where and how small as well. I was warned not touch them because if you did, they would be out of tune!


These are a couple of pictures on the inside of the window showing the structural attachment to the exising structure at the top and bottom of the new aluminum framed window. The church pipe organ tuning system was directly behind me at this point. Again, looky but no touchy! !

Ross and his crew from RKC Construction completed the project with plently of time for the Newport Harbor Church and School to prepare for the up and coming holiday services. Great job Ross! I look forward to working with you again soon! By the way, the Newport Harbor Lutheran Church and School also holds AA meetings. For a complete schedule, please click here for the monthly calendar of meetings and social gatherings.

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